Thursday, August 27, 2009

World Cup Dreams Shattered for Bozanic

As promise I would post updates throughout the season for Oliver Bozanic, Nikita Rukyavitsya and Aaron Mooy.
Not much to report from the last two aside from Nikita getting some game time at FC Twente and the fact that his Socceroo team mate, the much maligned (at Sheffield anyways!!) David Carney is set to sign for the Dutch club in the next 24 hours.

Oliver Bozanic was fouled in a crude tackle on the weekend and was taken from the field in Cheltenhams amazing 5-4 defeat to Bradford in League 2. A goal was scored from the resulting set piece but the news at the end of the day was gloomy for the Gloucestershire club and even gloomier over the next few days for Bozanic who has been diagnosed with medial ligament damage and will now almost certainly miss out on the World Youth Cup in Egypt next month. It's a bitter blow for Bozanic as he has had a bright start to his loan period at Cheltenham and has started a few games, as well as being included in the senior camp for the thrashing handed out to Ireland a few weeks ago.
Bozanic was surely in the starting plans for the Young Socceroos and a good showing at the 'WYC' coupled with an outstanding season for Cheltenham could have put him on the periphery for next years World Cup in South Africa. Bozanic has returned to Reading for treatment, so fingers crossed he recovers well and returns to first team football as soon as possible.

ps what is it with Aussie players CONSTANTLY getting injured overseas? Perhaps we could pass the hat around and send them all some vegemite!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Is It Too Much To Ask?

For the last 4 seasons now I have turned up to almost every Qld/Brisbane Roar home game and have managed to catch almost every away game on telly, and for those 4 seasons there has been one outstanding, undeniable and ongoing issue: Set Pieces.

Every time the Roar are awarded a free kick in a promising area or earn themselves a free kick my mates and I rise to our feet; 'Maybe this one will come off?' 'Maybe Charlie Miller or Sergio will take it?'

No, no, no is more than often the resounding answer to our hoopeful questions. I would wager that 95% of the time Roar fan favourite Matty McKay either doesn't beat the first defender, plays on quickly or whacks the ball over the top of everyone. Brisbane aren't alone though, across the board the standard of set pieces in this country is borderline terrible and I reckon I am not the only fan with his/her head in his hands after yet another miserable attempt at a set piece.

It's not until you see players like Fabio Vignaroli from Newcastle Jets whipping vicious, curling balls in from 3 or 40 yards out onto the head of an attacker do you appreciate just how poor the standard is. Every time I've seen the little Italian dynamo play for the Jets he has invariably had opposition defenders at sixes and sevens with his delivery and I think the question has to be made to coaches and administrators as to why the standard is so poor. I know if I was a coach in the physical and robust A-League(where tackles fly in left, right and centre) that one of the first things I'd be taking care of is singing one or two players who can deliver that venomous kind of ball into the box, or the top corner. Not only would it give my team an extra, potent option, it would bring the crowd right into the game. Can you imagine if there was a player in the league with delivery comparable to that of Alvaro Recoba or Mikel Arteta? The crowd would be on their feet everytime a corner or free kick is awarded and the atmosphere would be absolutely palpable.

Here's hoping that A-League clubs start to seek out some players with this gift, starting with Frank Farina and Brisbane Roar of course!

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Aussie Players To Watch in 09/10

Before every season I like to pick a few overseas Aussie players who I like to keep an eye on and this year is no different! This year I have decided to keep an eye on the progress of some bright young talents:

Oliver Bozanic - Signed to EPL club Reading, currently on loan to recently relegated League 2 outfit Cheltenham Town. Oliver is a 20 year old left sided attacking midfielder who has made recent appearances for the Young Socceroos and has received his first senior National Team call up for the friendly against Ireland on August 12.

Aaron Mooy - Squad member for Bolton Wanderers. 18 year old Mooy is one of Australia's brightest young stars, also getting his first Socceroos call up for the friendly in Ireland. Big tickets on this kid.

Nikita Rukavytsya - First team member for FC Twente. Needs no introduction for those familiar with Australian Football, has the potential to be the next genuine Australian superstar in wolrd football. Blistering pace but still a raw talent, hopefully he can be shaped into a top shelf striker in Holland.

I'll post any worthwhile news that pops up for these kids throughout the 09/10 season.

A New Beginning

I started a football blog called Balls and Dencorub a little while ago but for some reason it was deleted, so I've started it up again.
I'm a football nut and am also a huge supporter of football in Australia, I have a stack of spare time and not many committments so decided instead of spending all my internet time on football and music forums I'd give myself something constructive to do while I'm at it.
I won't be so narcissistic as to bore you with a stack of details about myself, I have a myspace and facebook for that of course!
This is a strictly football blog, I hope you enjoy!

- Mackey