Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dear Ange

Dear Ange,

Firstly I'd like to say hello and welcome you to Brisbane, I hope you'll find the weather to your liking and also hope you and your family settle in quickly.

Secondly I'd like to ask you a few questions if I may?

Why is David Dodd still playing for the club I support? He really is quite shit you know, I know his dad was a coach at Palm Beach and that's probably how he got his break and fair play to the lad but seriously now, he is a pretty shitty player. Even more shitty than his brother, who is also a fairly player shit himself.

Will anyone whose name is not Serginho Van Dijk ever score on a semi-regular basis for the team? Please don't tell me we'll be relying on Reinaldo, Mckay, Murdocca, Dodd, Sarota, Nichols and Cernak for goals over the next few seasons becuse quite frankly aside from the odd refreshing dip, they couldn't hit water if they fell out of a boat.

When will Michael Zullo revert to his position at left wing? I know Tommy is the darling of the media at the moment and I do agree that he is a quality prospect, but I think that Zullo is our best left winger and possibly our worst choice for left fullback. I've seen his head drop more times in two games than I have in the previous two seasons.

Will we ever take a set piece properly? I know that the club's patented 'Take It Quickly and Promptly Give It Back To The Other Team Or Generally Waste Every Chance' tactic has served us really well in the past, but is there any chance we'll see the likes of Devere, Mcloughan, Van Dijk and Reinaldo (the tall guys) get up into the box and look to get on the end of a ball whipped in? Taking your time on set pieces seems to work every now and then for um, pretty much every other team in the world. Especially when you're 3-1 down with 10 minutes to go in a must win, surely 30 seconds to get the boys set isn't too much to ask?

When are you going to make some signings? Contrary to what everyone else is saying I think what you've done with the clean out of two oldies and one inconsistent keeper is a bold move and one that you'll be judged on. However, before any other players leave, like Tiatto and Sergio are rumoured to be doing, I'd like to see SOMETHING, ANYTHING, ANYONE announced as soon as possible.
Oh, as long as it's not another of the Dodd clan.

Kind regards,

Balls and Denco Rub.