Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mooy On Target

Whilst doing my news search for info on Ruka, Mooy and Bozanic I was pleasantly surprised to find a youtube clip of Aaron Mooy's recent goal for the Bolton Reserves against Manchester United Reserves. A Man Utd midfielder loses control of the ball and Mooy swoops on the scraps before unleashing a dipping strike from 25 yards that bounced past the Utd keeper for Bolton's first goal in their 2-2 draw which they then went on to win on penalties.


In some recent news for Oliver Bozanic, his loan period to Cheltenham has come to an end, coinciding with his recovery from knee surgery and has since been loaned to 6th place Aldershot Town in League Two who are still within sight of promotion to League One. His most recent contribution was scoring a late consolation goal for The Shots in their FA Cup tie with Tranmere Rovers on December 10. Bozanic returns to Reading on January 4 and it will be interesting to see what happens for the left sided livewire from here onwards.

I haven't been able to find any info on Rukavytsya and can only assume he's still playing for Twente's reserve team, the only news worthy mention is his naming in the squad for the Socceroos Asian Cup Tie in Kuwait on Jan 7.


Since day one the Qld/Brisbane Roar franchise have had a few 'constants'. Firstly, and most worringly, is the team's woeful home record, losing and playing poorly at home time after time for 5 seasons now. A quick look at the club's wikipedia page reveals a table showing the club (as at time of the table's creation) has played 43 games at Suncorp Stadium for a return of just 13 wins, 18 losses and 12 draws, so from a possible 129 points the team has only been able to amass a meagre 51 points, well under half of the points that have been on offer.

The next 'constants' are the team's pocket dynamo midfielders in Massimo Murdocca and Matt McKay. The two have been running around nipping at the heels of oppositions since day one, their stamina and tenacity in the middle of the park are more often attributed to them than anything else. Up until last year with the introduction of Charles Miller (c) Moron Bleiberg 2009 the 'M&M' partnership has lacked a real attacking foil in front of them in the midfield, an once again find themselves trying to do everything.
While I have grown to appreciate the work of the little blokes, the time has come for me as a fan to put the interests of the club first. The pure facts of the matter are that the club continues to lose at home and choke in big games, losing games means letting goals in and being outplayed in the middle of the park, it just seems too obvious to me that these two factors, the home form and general inconsistency since day one, coupled with the fact that M&M have also been there since day one, are somehow related.

Another constant is the tenureship of Rado Vidosic at the club, while I'm sure that he is a good bloke and a solid coach, it seems once again too obvious that he has been involved with the first team since the inception of the League and I feel it is more than a coincidence that he has been the number two for three underperforming managers now.

You often hear coaches in other sprting codes, as well as our own code, saying that 'things need shaking up', whether it's army type boot camp days, a game of another sport at training or as North Queensland Fury coach Ian Ferguson did on the weekend, not naming the starting eleven until the team were in the sheds before the game, it seems that a sudden and random upheaval can be the thing that can inspire sporting stars and clubs to greater things.
I feel it is time for a 'shake up' at the Roar, whether it's now or in the off season doesn't bother me, but I feel somethings need to be changed in order for the club to go forward.

My Brisbane Roar Season 10/11 Wishlist:

- A BIG name Marquee player, Michael Essien would do quite nicely I think...
- A returning Socceroo to join the club post World Cup, Mark Bresciano maybe????
- A win against Gold Coast United.
- Gold Coast United fans to continue wearinf the silly hats, it's........cute.
- A revamped marketing approach, ie; at least SOME marketing or advertising.
- Another Boxing Day Derby down on the coast.
- Bob Malcolm to go home.